Export Training

Learn how to export goods from the US — or sharpen your skills — while fully complying with international shipping requirements

Compliance with international requirements for exported goods can be daunting. Whether you’re a seasoned export professional, or you’re just getting started, our export training classes will teach you what you need to know to attain — and improve — the skills you’ll need to be a success.

Where do I start?

We have divided our courses into three levels, depending on your degree of experience and the role you play within your firm:

  • Introductory – Ideal for entry level personnel, such as trainees and those who have transferred into an import/export role from another department, without any prior understanding of the subject matter. Those who have some experience may also benefit from these courses as “fill-in the gaps” training.
  • Intermediate – These courses assume that you have either taken relevant introductory courses or already have equivalent professional experience.
  • Advanced/Specialized – Advance courses tend to be more career-specific. They assume that you have either taken the related introductory/intermediate level courses or posses a corresponding level of professional experience.

Additional Courses for Export Professionals: