Import Training

Learn the skills, regulations, and best practices for importing goods into the US as an Import Professional

Importing goods into the US is becoming increasingly complicated, with constantly changing rules & regulations. Our import training courses will get you up-to-date, keep you in compliance, and teach you best practices that can save you time and expense.

Where do I start?

We have divided our courses into three levels, depending on your degree of experience and the role you play within your firm:

  • Introductory – Ideal for entry level personnel, such as trainees and those who have transferred into an import/export role from another department, without any prior understanding of the subject matter. Those who have some experience may also benefit from these courses as “fill-in the gaps” training.
  • Intermediate – These courses assume that you have either taken relevant introductory courses or already have equivalent professional experience.
  • Advanced/Specialized – Advance courses tend to be more career-specific. They assume that you have either taken the related introductory/intermediate level courses or posses a corresponding level of professional experience.

Additional Courses for Import Professionals: