Bills of Lading: Ocean and Intermodal

T21u – Ocean and Intermodal Bills of Lading Online Training

This class is intended for ocean freight forwarders and shipping companies who prepare their own bill of lading “instructions” or otherwise need an in-depth understanding of the operation of bills of lading. It includes information on US government regulations affecting the preparation of ocean and intermodal bills of lading, attributes common to any contract of carriage, issues and procedures particular to ocean contracts of carriage, types of bills of lading, forms of consignment, and a field-by-field examination of the information placed into an ocean/intermodal bill of lading.

Once you finish this course, a printable Certificate of Completion will be available for download. The course can be completed in 20.25 hours or less and earns NCBFAA-registered students 20 CCS/CES continuing education credits.

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  • Introduction to Contracts of Carriage
  • Functions of a Transportation Document (U.S.)
  • Preparation of Ocean/Intermodal “B/L Instructions”
  • B/L Terms, Format & Usage
  • Forms of Consignment for a Negotiable B/L; Endorsement
  • Endorsement Procedures and Carrier Delivery Concerns with Negotiable B/Ls
  • “Straight” Bills of Lading; Dealing with Lost “Originals”
  • Express Bills of Ladings and Electronic “Consignment Notes”
  • Preparing B/L Instructions to an Ocean/Intermodal Carrier
  • Place of Cargo Acceptance; Rate Basis
  • Letter of Credit Requirements on a Bill of Lading; Form of Consignment
  • Important Dates in the Issuance of an Ocean/Intermodal B/L
  • Freight Prepaid or Collect; Additional B/L Instruction Issues
  • Parties Involved with Shipment
  • Transportation Points/Carriers
  • Cargo Marks, Packages, Weight and Freight Charges
  • Cargo Description; As-needed Dangerous Goods and L/C
  • Additional Information Sometimes Needed in Cargo Description Block


Study Time (Hrs):

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20.25 20




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