Where are ATA Carnets Accepted?

Over 100 countries and their territories currently accept ATA Carnets. Additional information about traveling in these countries, categories of goods accepted, possible restrictions, Guaranteeing Associations and more can be found in our ATA Carnet Country Guide.

Traveling in the European Union

With the recent expansion of the European Union, traveling in Europe is even easier with an ATA Carnet. Your goods must clear customs only once when they enter the EU and once when they depart; your ATA Carnet does not need to be presented when traveling between EU countries. Your DB Schenker eCarnet expert will be able to advise you on how best to select countries to keep your ATA Carnet manageable and control costs.

Using a Carnet in Taiwan

Taiwan, through a bilateral agreement with the United States, accepts a TECRO/AIT Carnet, which can also be obtained through DB Schenker eCarnet application. If you will be traveling to Taiwan and other countries, you will need to obtain both an ATA Carnet and a TECRO/AIT Carnet for the same goods.

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