Dangerous Goods Declarations and Packaging

Online documentation preparation, with built-in regulatory logic from the most current and applicable regulations, provides the easiest solution for creating compliant shipping papers.

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Utilizing built-in regulatory logic and user-friendly interface, this application provides users with only compliant options for generating shipping papers and packaging diagrams with the correct outer marking and labeling requirements. Automated data entry within the application helps reduce the potential for human error and civil penalties as a result.

Novices and experts alike can enjoy the potential time savings and improved productivity that generating shipping papers, such IATA, IMDG declarations and BOLs. The documentation and packaging process of declaring dangerous goods is broken down into a few easy steps. Flipping through multiple regulatory manuals and hundreds of pages are not longer necessary.

Without the hassle of installations or updates, online solutions are available from any standard web browser on any computer connected to the Internet around the world. Each shipping document satisfies the most current Dangerous Goods Regulations. Users can simply sign in and enjoy regulatory compliance around the clock.

Key Benefits

The following key benefits will help your business enhance and remain compliant with applicable regulations:

  • Web-based application accessible from anywhere around the world
  • No installation or updates
  • Always uses the most current IATA, IMDG and 49 CR regulations
  • Purchase either per-basis, or an annual membership for unlimited shipments, in whichever mode (or modes) is applicable
  • Eliminate the need for a typewriter
  • U.S Government State Variations built in as an integral part of regulatory logic, to help expedite all United States related shipments
  • Your shipment information is stored securely in our database behind a firewall
  • Reduce the potential for rejected shipments
  • Remain in compliance with proper documentation and record retention requirements
  • Use built-in productivity tools to create shipper’s declaration even faster
  • Print shipper’s declaration on a color printer or save as a PDF.
  • Print on pre-printed red bordered paper or print with red borders on plain white paper

Standardizing Interpretation

Regulations shouldn’t be a road block for business operations. The transportation of dangerous goods is a time sensitive matter and this Dangerous Goods application provides the solution by using a standard approach for all hazmat employees to follow regarding regulatory interpretation.
All hazmat employees in your business can utilize the application’s built-in regulatory logic to create compliant and accurate documentation each and every single time, with the assurance of using the most current regulations available from IATA, ICAO, IMDG and 49 CFR Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Record Retention

United States Record Retention Requirements

For United States purposes, each hazmat employee who is responsible for providing shippers declaration forms or shipping papers must retain a copy as required in 49 CFR §172.200(a) or an electronic image of each declaration form. These declaration forms must be accessible upon request by an appropriate authority at a reasonable time and location.

All declarations of dangerous goods paperwork must be retained for a period of two years (49 CFR §172.201(e)) from the date listed on the air waybill on the declaration form.

International Record Retention Requirements

IATA regulations specify that at least one copy of the shippers declaration form and any other documents relevant to consignment for each shipment should be retained for a minimum period of three months, or other period required by the national authorities involved in transporting the dangerous goods shipments by air transport. If documents are kept electronically, they should be capable of being reproduced in a printed manner (IATA DGR 1.3.4).

IMDG retention of dangerous goods transportation information:
Retention of dangerous goods transport information. (5.4.6)
The consignor and the carrier shall retain a copy of the dangerous goods transport document and additional information and documentation as specified in this Code, for a minimum period of three months. (
When the documents are kept electronically or in a computer system, the consignor and the carrier shall be able to reproduce them in a printed form. (