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Whether you are a new or an existing customer of DB Schenker, My Trade Solutions Tools gives you a single access point to the international trade tools and resources you need to streamline your workflows. These tools support online collaboration between DB Schenker, its customers, and their suppliers and carriers. And since My Trade Solutions are web-based, they are accessible on all your devices, whenever you need them, anywhere in the world.

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eCarnet (ATA Carnets): eCarnet is DB Schenker’s online tool that gives you access to generate an ATA Carnet document and secure a Carnet Bond, quickly and easily. Its user-friendly web interface makes it simple, providing you easy access to view your Carnet options. Facilitating customs entry in the U.S. and other participating countries has never been easier. Enhanced insurance including “All Risks” is also available. 

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eTradeDocs (Certificates of Origin): eTradedocs is DB Schenker’s industry leading model for the issuance of Certificates of Origin. Documents can be electronically submitted to the Chamber of Commerce for immediate vetting. The stamped and signed Certificate of Origin is delivered to you via Electronic PDF form for immediate use. Certified copies can be stored digitally and transferred to your agents overseas, eliminating the potential loss of documents and costly associated delays. Our eTradeDocs application is fully compliant with all overseas regulations.

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Dangerous Goods Portal: The DB Schenker Hazardous Materials online app simplifies the creation of Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGD). We provide the tools you need to generate the required documentation and package diagrams for properly marking and labeling hazardous material, which can be used for commodities even if they do not require a DGD.

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Hazardous Materials Training: Our online Hazardous Material Training tool gets you into compliance quickly, while reducing employee downtime and eliminating expensive travel costs. Complete and maintain your teams Dangerous Goods Certification at your own pace and with minimal disruption to your business.

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License Management Tool: The easy to use License Management Tool saves you valuable time and resources. Support features help you manage your licensing information. Our tool provides a resource for you to centralize and consolidate the information that you, as a licensee, need for the otherwise cumbersome, labor-intensive task of maintaining activity records for expiration date licenses, license exhaustion, license terms, and more, with reminder capabilities. Now, reducing the risk of export violations and remaining compliant is easier than ever. 

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Commodity Classification Database: This online tool gives you control over your commodity classifications, whether it’s for a one-time review or on an ongoing basis. Our secured, centralized DB Schenker Commodity Classification Database is a stress-free management solution that ensures consistency in storing your Schedule B/ECCN Classification and license determination processes.

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Letters of Credit: Easily and securely upload your documents and track your Letter of Credit, from document completion to submission for payment.. Our DB Schenker Letter of Credit app is supported by our professional Export Letter of Credit Team, which simplifies the process, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

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Restricted Party Screening: DB Schenker has an easy-to-use, effective tool to help you properly vet partners utilizing our extensive record keeping capabilities. This tool allows you to perform required due diligence screenings of all parties and individuals along your transportation supply chain.

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