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Our Customs Bonds Provide Protection for All Your Importing Needs

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DB Schenker Customs Bond Solutions have you covered. We offer several types of bonds:

Single Entry Bonds: Our experts will cover you specifically for one shipment. We can find the proper import bond for your individual shipments.

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Annual Customs Continuous Bond
(Activity Code 1):
Online quoting is available to secure a competitive quote for your Annual Customs Continuous Bond. Shippers who import more than one or two shipments a year can benefit from the convenience and cost savings of purchasing multiple bonds. This bond covers all your import shipments to all U.S. ports for up to one year. We can find the proper annual bond for all of your shipments.

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Reconciliation Bond Rider: Reconciliation Bond Rider is an exciting provision of the US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) ACE program. Recon riders protect importers from negligence. They also save valuable time, prevent delivery delays, and allow for multiple shipments to be received seamlessly through a port of entry.

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Drawback Bonds: Limit your risk by ensuring reimbursement of overpayments (duty) to customs if found to be excessive. When merchandise is imported into the U.S. and later exported, an importer may be entitled to a refund of duty–referred to as drawback. With accelerated drawback, the refund is granted before liquidation of the entry. A Drawback Bond guarantees repayment of duty to Customs if found to be excessive after liquidation occurs.

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Importer Security Filing (ISF) Bonds:  We reduce paperwork and administration for you, translating to less headaches and more time for your business. Without a Continuous Transaction Bond (CTB), you may be required to also have an Importer Security Filing (ISF) Customs Bond. Our professionals will know what’s needed, and make procurement simple.

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Custodian Bonds (Activity Code 2 or Type 2): Online quoting is available to secure your Custodian Bond (Activity Code 2). Simply, complete the form and quickly receive a competitive quote. This feature supports trucking companies that are moving cargo in bond, as a common carrier, from one destination to another, prior to clearing U.S. Customs. We can provide you with a financial guarantee in the form of a Customs bond and register you directly with Customs.

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Customs BMC-84 Freight Broker Bonds: Freight Brokers can easily get the required financial guarantee surety bond (BMC-84), either as a property broker or a freight forwarder that will provide the necessary broker authority in order to be in compliance with FMCSA. The minimum required amount of the bond is $75,000. We can provide you with a financial guarantee in the form of a BMC-84 Property Broker Bond and register you directly with the FMCSA.

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Foreign Trade Zone Bonds: The Activity Code 4 Foreign Trade Zone Bond is required by US Customs for operation in an FTZ.  The FTZ is a secured area, supervised by CBP that for commercial purposes is considered outside US territory, allowing for a wide range of import and export benefits.

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Carnet Bonds: When using an ATA Carnet to facilitate duty-free trade of certain temporary import-export goods, your Carnet often must be bonded. Assure that your commercial samples, professional equipment, and tradeshow materials travel duty- and tax-free to over 100 countries. When you need a Carnet Bond, we have you covered.

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Note: Section 301 – Due to the tariff increases, you may receive a letter from Customs and Border Protection to increase your continuous bond. We offer secure and competitive quotes to help you meet Section 301 tariff increase. In addition to increasing you bond you may consider HTS Line item review of your commodities to ensure proper classification and Duty Drawbacks for those items where Section 301 duties were previously paid on goods that were than exported.

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