Reconciliation Bond Rider

Reconciliation Bond Riders allow importers to file Customs entries before they have all the required information — and we handle the whole process for you!

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• Get the most out of your Continuous Customs Bond

• Avoid incorrect filings — import now, file accurate information when you have it

• Final valuations, HTS designations, FTA qualification, and more can be reconciled after clearing Customs

• Get a refund of any overpaid duties

• Take up to 21 months (12 for FTA entries) to file required information

• We handle the paperwork!

Reconciliation Bond Riders are an exciting provision of the US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) ACE program. Recon riders protect importers from negligence. They also save valuable time, prevent delivery delays, and allow for multiple shipments to be received seamlessly through a port of entry.

Importers have an obligation to report correct and accurate values to the CPB. However, thanks to increasingly complex supply chains, ever changing Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and other factors, the information required to clear Customs may not always be ready at the time of entry. A Reconciliation Bond Rider, commonly known as a Recon Rider, allows importers to estimate or omit key data points. For example, this allows the importer to report the shipment’s value and classification according to the best information available at the time of entry. These fields are then flagged for reconciliation, which can be completed once accurate values are available. An importer can postpone reconciliation for up to 21 months (12 months for FTA claims).

To acquire a reconciliation rider, you must first have a Continuous Customs Bond. In fact, being able to get a Recon Rider is one of the many benefits of having a Continuous Bond (please click here for more information about Continuous Bonds). DB Schenker Trade Solutions can help you acquire and maintain both the rider and the bond. Our professionals work quickly and accurately to represent you and guide you through Customs. We make Customs compliance easy!

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