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DB Schenker Canadian Customs Bond Solutions have you covered. We offer several types of bonds:

D-120 Customs Bond – The Release of Goods Bond is submitted to the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) prior to the payment of duties and taxes. This is to ensure that any customs duties and taxes levied onto goods imported into the country would be paid by the importer. This CBSA bond is used as security to release the goods into the country prior to payment of the duties. This is required for all importers non-resident (NRI) and resident. This bond is required per the CBSA.

D-120 Highway Carrier Bond – If you are a highway carrier transporting bonded goods into Canada, you will need a D120 Customs Bond in conjunction with a Highway Carrier Code BSF329-7 application, to transport goods within Canada. Though a single trip authorization can be used, we recommend procuring an annual D120 Bond for two reasons: 1) A single trip bond would require heavy paperwork & documentation each time you enter Canada and 2) The application process must be done upon entering Canada, which can often result in border crossing delays.

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Non-Resident GST Bond (Goods and Service Tax) – The GST Bond is submitted to the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) and is required if the principal does not have a permanent establishment in Canada. It gives importers GST credits since they are non-resident importers. The GST bond will apply depending on the imports/industry. This is determined by CRA.

GST applies when the company headquarters is not located in Canada (NRI). Does not apply for Canadian companies.

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