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    Cardholder understands that the invoice(s) listed above will be charged to the above credit card up to two days after this document has been submitted by the credit card holder. If the credit card tendered for payment is denied, for any reason, Schenker, Inc. will notify the cardholder to obtain an alternative form of payment and the delivery of the good tendered for carriage will be held by Schenker, Inc. until payment is made. this agreement shall not modify the terms and conditions under which Schenker, Inc. provides its services, but only serves to clarify the terms under which Schenker, Inc. receives payment for its services by credit cards. Submission of this form serves as the cardholder's, the Shipper's and my company’s (if any) acknowledgement and acceptance of the foregoing terms and is an acknowledgement that I am authorized to submit this document on behalf of each of the listed parties.