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DB Schenker’s software and online documentation solutions make international trade and regulatory compliance easier than ever. Software solutions experts are available to collaborate with you on your export needs to determine a strategy, and assure a smooth implementation including integration with your existing internal solutions. Plus, you have access to on-demand resources to automate and streamline your transport documents ensuring accurate documentation at time of shipment.

DB Schenker offers online access to Certificates of Origin & Legalization, Commodity Classification Database, Dangerous Goods Validation & Declaration, ATA Carnets (eCarnets), Letters of Credit, License Management System, Restricted Party Screenings, and TSA Security Threat Assessments (TSA STAs).

We provide a team of experts to help you manage your compliance needs. Plus, we make trade documentation processes simple and streamlined increasing your supply chain efficiencies that result in cost savings.

eCarnets: The use of ATA Carnets and Carnet Bonds facilitates the customs clearance in the U.S. and other participating countries for a broad range of temporary import/export commodities such as commercial samples, fairs & exhibitions, trade show materials and professional equipment. ATA Carnets are recognized in over 100 countries, are valid for up to one year and eliminate duties and taxes for these types of temporary import/export commodities.

Plus, for your peace of mind, DB Schenker offers enhanced insurance that includes “All Risks” coverage for new and used goods, including transit to and from a foreign ATA Carnet member country, as well as the time the merchandise is in those countries; and duty reimbursement in the event goods are lost or stolen.

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Certificates of Origin / Legalization: A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. DB Schenker has created an industry-leading model that is fully compliant with global government regulations for the issuance of CO’s. Documents can be electronically submitted to the Chamber of Commerce for immediate vetting. The stamped and signed Certificate of Origin is delivered to you via Electronic PDF form for immediate use. Certified copies can be stored digitally and transferred to your agents overseas, eliminating the potential loss of documents and costly associated delays.

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Commodity Classification & Repository: Establish and preserve your export classifications with DB Schenker (Schedule B, ECCN & license determination). DB Schenker provides you with access to a Commodity Classification Solution with one centralized secured database for stress-free management of your commodities.

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Dangerous Goods Declaration / Documentation: As a shipper, you are required to prepare the proper documentation to certify that the cargo you are shipping has been packaged correctly and has the proper markings and labeling in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods regulations. DB Schenker’s Hazardous Materials online tool helps you standardize the interpretation of the regulations to simplify the creation of your Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) including the generation of a diagram to assist with placement of the markings and labels. Even for those commodities which the regulations do not require a DGD, the program will provide the required proper documentation and the package diagram. We are committed to providing our customers with compliant and effective solutions for properly transporting hazardous materials.
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Letter of Credit: A letter of credit is used for guaranteed payment in international trade transactions. As a shipper, you can experience delays, non-payment, or non-transfer of ownership to the buyer until the terms of the letter of credit have been met and the issuing bank has granted a financial guarantee.

Our online tool allows you to easily and securely upload your documents and track your Letter of Credit throughout the cycle. Our service begins from document completion to submitting originals to the bank for payment. DB Schenker takes the complexities of Letter of Credit (LC) process out of your hands.

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License Management System: As a licensee, you have the cumbersome and labor intensive tasks of maintaining activity records of those licenses for expiration date, license exhaustion, license terms and more. This robust on-line License Management Tool with automatic reminders provides a resource for you to centralize and consolidate that information into one location, remain compliant and reduce the risk of export violations.

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Restricted Party Screening: Restricted Party Screening provides a secure method for screening suppliers, customers, or third party partners, and deters you from doing business with companies and individuals listed in the global restrictions lists. Each and every partner in the transportation supply chain is responsible for performing their own due diligence of screening all parties and individuals in the transaction. DB Schenker has a simple, effective and efficient tool for you to properly screen those parties with extensive recordkeeping capabilities.

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