Export Compliance Consulting & Audits

Export compliance begins with a strategy even before you ship.

With DB Schenker’s Export Compliance Consulting and Audit Solutions, you can protect yourself and your company from the risks of noncompliance, while reducing freight delays, compliance workloads, and costs. Our Export Compliance and Audit solutions teams provide a wide variety of export solutions, such as:

Regulatory Compliance Consulting & Audits: DB Schenker supports your compliance with various government institutions such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Industry and Security, US Customs and Border Protection, the World Trade Organization, and many more. We understand that regulations continually change and become more complex, and that the complexity increases exponentially when you are dealing with multiple countries. So, we offer local expertise supported by global resources to help you manage your compliance. At DB Schenker, over 95,000 employees in over 130 countries are there when you need us, where you need us with the latest knowledge and expertise to ensure your compliance and reduce costs.

Our Export Consulting team can assist you in developing and implementing a proper export strategy that meets compliance needs. From licenses to exemptions, classifications and documentation, you need a partner that understands the complexity of compliance. Our Audit teams verify that you are executing these strategies, and work to catch any problems before they become an issue, helping you to avoid penalties, fines, or worse. We can help you draft an appropriate Voluntary Self Disclosure when necessary, and in seamless conjunction with our Export Consulting team, can provide the proper strategy to avoid future compliance issues.

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Dangerous Goods (DG) Compliance: Handling dangerous goods requires the utmost care not just with the cargo, but with your compliance. Fees and penalties for noncompliance are exceptionally strict, and you must assure that the regulations of a number of government entities and international organizations are followed. In addition, the Department of Transportation makes training mandatory for anyone who handles dangerous/hazardous goods, per rule 49 CFR 172.704. Furthermore, you’ll need DOT / IATA / IMO classification services and possibly even a Hazmat Transportation Security Plan.

Our Dangerous Goods Consulting and Audit teams can help you form a proper strategy for the most cost-effective, safe handling of Dangerous Goods possible. From making sure your training is current, to audits for compliance before an unannounced visit from CBP, DOT, FAA or the Coast Guard, DB Schenker has you covered.

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Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Training

Commodity Classification: All exported goods must be properly classified via the Harmonized System or Schedule B numbers. Our Consultants can assist you in setting up the optimal strategy for consistent, accurate Classifications, and our Auditors can check your data to assure your ongoing compliance.

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Restricted Party Screening / Vetting: The US government and other country organizations maintain a variety of lists of countries, organization, and persons that you will want to avoid contact with. Our Export Consulting team assures that you are meeting your responsibility for screening against those lists (including BIS, ITAR, OFAC and others) and assuring that you’re not violating US and international laws.

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Country Embargoes & Restrictions: Likewise, there are a number of countries which face an ever-changing and complex set of restrictions. Don’t be surprised by complex or lesser-known restrictions. Let DB Schenker review your supply chain, and implement a safe strategy that covers all restricted persons, organizations, and countries.

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Automated Export System (AES): AES is a US Census Bureau program for the electronic filing of export information for use by Census for statistical purposes and multiple regulatory agencies for compliance purposes. To save your staff’s valuable time and increase efficiencies engage DB Schenker. Let DB Schenker professionals perform the tedious tasks of AES data entry on your behalf.

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License Determinations: Make sure you’ve got the right export licenses for your goods, that those licenses are structured to give you the maximum flexibility, and that you are maintaining them regularly as needed. We’ll help you seek exemptions and exceptions where possible and applicable to avoid the costs of licenses. DB Schenker’s Export Consulting helps you know that your license strategy is correct, saving you time, and money.

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Licenses, Authorizations and Permits: Need further information on licenses, authorizations, or permits for export? DB Schenker’s Export Consulting team provides the tools to simplify the application process. Save time, cut delays, and enhance your bottom line with the right licenses, authorizations, and permits.

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DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle: If you operate commercial vehicles because you carry cargo on interstate and/or intrastate public roadways, or you haul hazardous materials, you must have a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) number and acceptable safety ratings. For assistance in compliance of Commercial Motor Vehicle Operations, Driver Qualification (DQ) Files, Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver New Hire Process, US DOT Random Drug / Alcohol Program, Post Accident Protocol, Reasonable Suspicion Program, Safety Measurement System, ELD Compliance, Hour of Service, DOT Compliance Trainings, US DOT / MC application, US DOT Audits, and more, you can trust DB Schenker to assist.

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Are your export operations holding you back?

Are documentation, compliance, licenses, and screenings delaying freight and crushing growth… and profitability? Finding and implementing a proper operations compliance strategy is the key to solving logistical roadblocks. From managing risks to assuring compliance and optimizing trade preferences, DB Schenker delivers trade solutions.

Exporting goods can be complex, with rules, regulations, and laws from a multitude of organizations and countries. And falling short of any of these – even if you “didn’t know” – can have grave consequences. From higher shipping costs, long delays, damage to your company’s reputation, and even loss of export privileges, criminal and/or civil penalties, you want to make sure you’ve done everything you can to be in compliance.

DB Schenker’s Export Compliance and Audit teams allow you to focus on what you do best, while enhancing the continuity of your supply chain. Contact us to find out more about managing your entire or parts of your compliance program.