Duty Drawback Import Tax Recovery

Claim refunds you’re legally entitled to — and protect your bottom line against rising tariffs — with Duty Drawbacks

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Each year, an estimated $2B in import duty refunds go unclaimed; only a small portion of duties paid to the government are drawn back. Many companies are simply unaware that they may be eligible for a refund — or how to go about claiming it. However, as tariffs on goods from China and other countries increase, an effective Duty Drawback program could make the difference between being profitable … or not.

What is a Duty Drawback?

A Duty Drawback is a refund on duties, taxes, and fees paid on imported goods that are later exported as unused or as finished product or merchandise destroyed under Customs supervision. This reduces costs and incentivizes exports. Here are some important aspects of the Duty Drawback program:

  • An item may be eligible for a refund whether it’s later exported in the same unused condition as it was imported, or it’s processed or assembled into a finished or semi-finished product and then exported.
  • You do not need to be either the importer nor the exporter to be eligible for a Duty Drawback refund. For example, importers that don’t export can pass on their drawback rights to the exporter, lowering costs for both.
  • Raw materials used to produce exported goods that are of the same HTS classification with domestic materials can also be eligible.

How can I make Duty Drawbacks work for me?

The rules, regulations and limitations for claiming Duty Drawbacks are complex and can be overwhelming. Our experts have the experience needed to help you efficiently maximize your drawbacks while staying in full compliance with the law. We can also help you identify opportunities for drawbacks along your supply chain and in conjunction with your partners. Finally, we’ll help you maintain the documentation you’ll need for filing and audit compliance. If there’s potential for duty, tax, or fee recovery, our team will work with you to determine the amount you’re entitled to, and how to make the claim.

Duty Drawbacks add cash directly to your bottom line. Avoid leaving money on the table — claim import duty refunds you are legally entitled to by implementing an effective Duty Drawback program today!

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